Pony Express will continue taking reservations through April 30, 2016. After that, we
are closing our doors after 34 years…ready to retire! Our apologies if you were
looking forward to riding with us but rest assured there are many other stables.

If you would like to ride with us prior to April 30th, here are some details:

Ride across the largest working cattle ranch Haleakala Ranch on Maui at the scenic 4,000 ft elevation , with panoramic views of Maui and the ocean below you’ll see parts of Maui best seen from a horse! Expertly guided and narrated, you’ll feel like you’re seeing Maui with a friend who has horses.

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Note: As of March 2014, Pony Express is no longer running rides into the Haleakala Crater. Our heartfelt thanks to all the riders that have gone with us into the crater and our apologies to those who were looking forward to riding with us in the future. We are still operating rides across beautiful Haleakala Ranch which can be combined with a trip to the top of the Haleakala Crater and more details on these rides can be found at Ranch Ride.